Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guess who started school?

Kaitlin started first grade


Savannah stared her second and final year of Pre-School

We made the decision to switch Kaitlin over to Mt. Loffer elementary in Salem and we seriously could not be happier. Kaitlin teacher is Mrs.Olsen and so far we have really liked her. Kaitlin says so far she loves EVERYTHING about school especially playing with her BFF Brooklyn. 

Savannah started her second year at Taylor with Mrs. Norma and she has done amazing! Her BFF Ainsley is in the class with her. We were really hoping that because Ainsley was in there and she talked it would help Savannah. About a weeks ago I received a note home from her teacher saying that out of the blue Savannah had surprised everybody and talked. She has continued to respond to her teachers at school. Dave and I are so happy and excited. 

Savannah and Ainsley these two are seriously inseparable 

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Kailie@TheBreitSide said...

cute! love that you blogged, glad everything is going well!