Saturday, September 29, 2012


Dave the girls and I spent alot of time fishing this summer. Unfortunately we did not have a lot of luck on catching, but, we made a lot of happy memories. 
 Kaitlin and Daddy baiting a hook

 Kenna pretending to drive the boat. One of her favorite pastimes.

 Kenna fishing (she had zero luck this summer thankfully) 

 Kaitlin posing on the boat. 

 Kaitlin had all the luck this summer she caught at least one fish every time we went out.

 Kaitlin steering the boat.

 Savannah fishing (she also had zero luck this summer)

 Sweet pic of the girls. 

 Savannah steering the boat. 

 this would be Kenna reaction when a fish was caught and in the boat. She was traumatized. 


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