Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So far behind!!

I have been avoiding blogging lately because I have fallen so far behind so this is a catch up post and because I am on my lap top I don't have any pictures. Well let see were to begin..... oh yea in May yes I said May Dave and I packed up the girls in the car did not tell them where they were going, drove all night and they woke up in California. We spent the next 5 days going to Disneyland twice, Sea world and the beach. It was so much fun and the girls are begging to do it again. Not much else happened over the summer other then Kaitlin turned 5 (I know crazy) and we spent alot of time at the swimming pool.
With the fall came the start of school for both Kaitlin and Savannah. Kaitlin started kindergarten and Savannah pre school. Kaitlin has done very well this year and LOVES school. Savannah has also done very well as far as learning goes but anyone who knows Savannah knows she does not talk to people other then her family which has caused testing issues, issues making friends and just lots of issues in general. Lucky for us Savannah has an amazing teacher who has been on the ball with testing her through the school psychologist and other resources. The test have come back that she has selective muteism. They will continue to test her for some other things also but we will address those issues if anything shows up.
We had a rough Christmas season this year with the death of Grandpa wood just prior to Christmas. We are all heartbroken even though we know he is so happy to be reunited with Grandma and all of his siblings. Christmas day itself was lots of fun Kaitlin and Savannah finally get the whole Santa thing and McKenna just loved tearing things up. It was good to be able to spend time with our family and loved ones.
With the start of 2012 also came Gymnastic and Dance. Kaitline and Savannah are both doing gymnastics at airtime in Springville and Savannah is also dancing at Heart and Soul also in Springville. The girls are LOVING gymnastics and I love watching them. Savannah is working really hard to get her front roll down and Kaitlin has been practicing like crazy to get her handstand down. Both girls have such drive it is so fun to watch them.
McKenna has been awesome she is walking talking and following her sisters around. She has recently decided she is a daddy girl so Dave night shifts have been really hard on her. She also LOVES LOVES LOVES Sadie. The first thing she says in the morning once she is upstairs is Sades. She is getting a little personality too. She is very headstrong but very sweet you just have to beware of her teeth she LOVES to bite.
Well I think that pretty much gets me up to date on everything I may try and add pics later of all the happenings but not now :)


Matt and Amanda said...

Glad you updated! I never get to see you guys:( I miss your cute little girls!!! said...

Thanks for the update! I am always checking to see whats new with your family, glad you guys are doing well :)