Friday, December 30, 2011


I was lucky enough to call myself a granddaughter to Ferrin Wood. I know I married into the family but that was never an issue with grandpa. From the very first time Dave brought me over to their house he was grandpa. I have so many amazing memories of Grandma and Grandpa in the 8 years I knew them. Yes I said knew them because Grandma passed almost 3 years ago and Grandpa passed on Dec 20th 2011. I cannot tell you how many times I was able to go fishing with grandpa and Dave and no matter how unlucky my pole was grandpas pole was always super lucky. When Grandpa would notice I was not reeling anything in he would offer to let me take his pole and reel his fish in. No matter how many times I would make a fuss about having a nasty fish flopping around the floor of the boat hollering put it back put it back Grandpa would always smile at me and make sure the fish went back were it belonged. There was countless Saturday breakfast with his amazing hot cakes. He always made sure you had plenty to eat and if he thought you had not had your fill he would try to give you more. Then there were the stories of when he was young, when grandma and him first got married and his many experiences from working at BYU. I learned many things from grandpa from staying out of debt to how to treat the person you love the most (your spouse)Grandpa was always so kind to grandma. She would be getting on him about something and he would just sit there alot of time with a little grin, After she was out of ear shot he would often make comments about getting a little rise out of her here I never heard him raise his voice ever. He treated people with so much love. If ever I went over to his house without the girls or Dave his first question would be about where they were. Even in the end when he had many days of confusion he always remembered that I had the girls. I Owe him so much thanks because he was one of the people in Dave life that helped him become the man he is today. Dave shared a special bond with his grandpa. They both had an amazing love for fishing. If they both could go fishing everyday all day they would. They shared a love for BYU sports. I know Dave enjoyed watching many games with his grandpa. The one thing that they both share that I am so grateful for is the love of family and being together with the ones you love. When the call came that Grandpa was going down hill my heart broke. I knew I was about to lose one of my favorite people but I also knew that as hard as it was for me and my family, It was so happy for Grandpa. When Grandma passed away almost 3 years ago a piece of grandpa went with her. He missed her so much there was not a day that went by that he did not pray for her or miss her with all of his heart. I am very thankful for the time my girls and I got to spend with him. I am going to miss Grandpa so much and I cannot wait for the day I will get to see him again.

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Matt and Amanda said...

Thanks for making me cry! I do love remembering our times with Grandpa, and it was nice hearing your stories:)