Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Missionary opportunity

I had my first real missionary opportunity today. The discussion came to the point where I asked him to read a book a Morman and see what he thinks.He loudly proclaimed I only want to be part of a church that gives me something, so what will your church give me. My response was Eternity.
In the past 2 years I have really struggles with some aspect of my testimony after losing Brandon. Today while talking to that man I know what I was saying was not sinking in or even really having an impact on him. For me on the other hand it was the one thing I needed.
When I told that man Eternity I also proceeded to point to my girls and said "I will get Eternity with them I will get Eternity with my husband" and that is when it hit me and I told him "and one day I will get my little boy placed in my arms and I will get an eternity with him " Wow the one thing I have needed to hear more then anything had just come out of my own mouth.
I know that the lord  had a hand in this experience he was showing me the one thing I needed I knew all along I just needed to believe it for myself.



Kailie said...

Couldnt have said it better, awesome job!

Carrie Wood said...

Wow, thanks. You are an awesome missionary. And, I am learning more and more that the ones who need us to be a missionary the most are our own kids. Were they there with you? I hope so!

Carrie Wood said...

Also, can I get your email to invite you to our blog? I went private with it.

Staheli Family said...

My email is tamistaheli@gmail.com. Yes the girls were with me. I find at times I hear more of what I need to hear from Kaitlin.