Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Look who started Kindergarten

Kaitlin started Kindergarten on Mondat Aug 30th. We live a ward with 12 kids her age,9 of them are in her class and all but 1 are girls so to say the least she was excited. She was going to get to be in class with all of her friends including her BFF Ellie.
Kaitlin was not so thrilled to wake up at 7:ooam on the day of but other then that she was so excited. She had picked out her dress the night before and after much stress she decided it was best to wear a pink dress with her hair Kinky in a headband . so other then pulling out braids and pulling on clothes she was all ready for her first day.
She spent most of her first day coloring a picture, getting to know the other kids, and finding the runaway gingerbread man.


Kaitlin with her BFF Ellie
She LOVES the fact she sits at the table with Ellie and one table over is her friend Ty and Kelsey.

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TJ and Stephanie said...

I cannot believe you are the mom of a kindergartner! Dang Tami, you must be getting old! wink wink :)