Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picture overload

I am so far behind on blogging I thought I would just do a mostly picture post of what we have been up to these last couple of months.

Kaitlin got her ear pierced and trust me the whole mall knew she was getting her ear pierced. I had no idea my daughter could scream like that!

I took Savannah, Kaitlin and Kaitlins BFF Ellie to the Living Plant aquarium. The girls and I had a blast. We sure do love Ellie she is such a sweet girl and we were so happy that she could come with us.

We went swimming at our favorite pool in Lehi as always the girls had a blast!

ST. Patrick day 2011.

Savannah and Kaitlin danced in "dance for a cure" at Payson H.S
We played lots of wizard of Oz Savannah favorite game.

My Princess Savannah turned 3. With a dinosaur cake of course.

We went to the aquarium for her birthday. She had three loves in life at the time 1) Turtles (aquarium) 2)Dinosaurs 3) Princess. As a result we spent a lot of time at the aquarium.

Valentine day 2011

I attempted to make a fondant cake. I can put that on my list of NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!!!

Savannah started dance

The girls had their first trip to the dentist. Savannah handled it alot better then Kaitlin. However, Kaitlin has since been again and she has done great.

Michael left on his mission. He is serving a mission in Uruguay and I know he is an amazing missionary! We miss him tons but we are so greatful that he made the decision to serve a mission and teach people about the gospel.

Kenna was blessed

At the aquarium.

Angel came to visit. We sure love this girl :)

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Kailie said...

Fun! It was great seeing you the other week, we need to catch up for sure!