Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Years eve party.

This year Dave had to work so the girls and I decided to have a game/dance party. We started the night off by making ice cream sundaes. Savannah's eyes were a lot bigger then her tummy and she ended up not feeling to well after eating all the candy. Then we played some games the girls got for Christmas the favorite of the night was hungry hippos and no matter how hard we tried Savannah won almost every time and not just by a little bit. After the games we turned on some music and the girls danced until they were to tired to move. I started to feel a little sorry for my poor hubby and we headed over to the jail with treats for Dave. When we got home we rang in the New Year (at 9:30) by doing a couple of fireworks and I put the girls to bed.

Making sundaes

Savannah's finished product.

Can you tell Savannah LOVES hungry hippos

Dancing to Princess music.

Dave looking super tired at work.


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Matt and Amanda said...

So cute, as always:) Now I'm starting to feel a little guilty for how bad I've been lately at blogging!