Monday, February 7, 2011

Christmas tree hunting and Gingerbread castle

Once again this post is super late! But better late then never right???
So in early December we took the girls on our annual Christmas tree hunt. This year it was a lot colder then normal and I had McKenna, so I told Dave "I am not picky. Lets just get the first tree we see" To my surprise the first stop were Dave got out he found two nice trees. The girls and I got out of the truck and we decided on the second tree. I could not believe how fast we found a tree!
Kaitlin had a great time being out in the snow. Savannah on the other hand is just like me and hates being cold and therefore she hated just about every minute of this outing :)
Kaitlin in front of our tree.

This was the only half happy look we got out of Savannah. She only stopped crying and gave me a half smile cause I told her I would take her back to the Taho if she stopped screaming and let me take one pic.

Cute McKenna :) When we first put the snowsuit and hat on her she screamed and then fell asleep and slept for the rest of the time. I have a feeling she is going to be like Savannah and I and HATE the cold.

Decorating the tree. I handed the girls the ornaments and Dave helped them hang them. It was really cute to watch them pick special spots for each of them. It was also so sweet to hear Kaitlin talk about different ornaments she had received in past years ( I am surprised on how much that girl can remember!)

Kaitlin and Savannah were so proud of their beautiful gingerbread castle.

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