Sunday, October 17, 2010

McKenna Emmelie is here

McKenna Emmelie Staheli
October 11th 2010
6lbs 2 oz
19 inches long

Finally on October 11th McKenna arrived. After being stuck at 4cm for 2 weeks and spending Sunday night (Oct 10th) in labor and delivery just to find out my HARD contractions every 2 min were not doing anything and was sent home. The next morning Oct 11th I had a Dr. appointment. I was a 5 and due to my history of having babies very quick my Dr. decided it was best not to send me home but to the hospital instead. I was admitted got an epidural and then the Dr. came in and broke my water. 48 min later I was holding a beautiful little girl. She was 6lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long. Initially her body temp was too low and so was her blood sugar so she was taken from me but luckily Dave got to go with her. After a bottle some time in the warmer and lots of loves from daddy she was brought back and they just monitored her blood sugar for the next 24 hours. Since being home she has been very healthy and very sweet. She is sleeping 3 hours at a time which has been so nice and during the day she is awake more often so Dave the girls and I really get to enjoy her. I feel so blessed to have another princess in our lives.


TJ and Stephanie said...

She's BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations! She looks like a Barker to me... I see Tara in that picture. We want to come visit you, we'll have to figure out a time we can come say hi and do a little baby meeting swap!

Jordan and Andrea said...

She's gorgeous just like the other two. Congrats you guys, can't wait to meet her!

Matt and Amanda said...

And I can't wait to hold her again! She's such a cutie:)

Carrie Wood said...

I am glad she came and that the delivery went well. Too bad you had to go through so much work before the big day though!

Kailie said...

Yep shes a cutie pie! We want to come out every now and then and still do pics with her and the other girls!

Staheli Family said...

Thanks everyone :)

Kailie you guys can come out whenever you want :) I LOVE the pics Josie has posted so far!