Monday, August 2, 2010

More summer fun.

When I did my last post I had not uploaded all my pics off my camera so here is the rest of the things we have been up to.

Went to Spanish Fork reservoir again. This has become Kaitlins favorite place.

This was Daves first time at the reservoir and I think it will be his last.

Savannah with her new dinosaur floaty.

The first time on Grandpas Wood boat. At first the girls hated it but they eventually warmed up to the idea of being on the boat and it was a great fishing trip.

The first fish Kaitlin has ever caught. She ended up catching 6 and was very proud of herself.

The first fish Savannah has ever caught. She ended up catching 3 and was also very proud.
I did not fish and as Kaitlin puts it "Daddy got skunked"

Playing at Yuba beach.

Savannah enjoying her snack a whole lot more then the nasty sand and water.

Kaitlin showing off her swimming skills.

Daddy up on the water ski's at Yuba. It was a very fun, hot day.

Dave took Grandpa Wood fishing and caught this big fish

Dave is going to kill me for posting this but he finally gave in and had his much needed knee surgery. He had to have a tendon release in his knee so it would not dislocate again and he had a lot of very damaged cartilage taken out and holes drilled into his knee cap in hopes of forming new scar cartilage. In true Dave fashion he was up and walking on it in less then 5 hours post op and has not taken easy since.


Matt and Amanda said...

Oh, my gosh, I love the pictures! David does not look happy about that last pic, and Kaitlin's pose with her fish is just priceless! So cute!!!

Carrie Wood said...

Cute pictures. It was really fun to see you guys when we came out. Hope all is going well with David's recovery!