Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Fun!

This summer has been filled with lots of fun activities here are just a few things we have done so far.

Spent time with cousins. Kaitlin LOVES anyone younger then her that she can mother.

Celebrated the fourth of July.

Went to Spanish Fork reservoir. On this trip this was Savannah favorite spot eating cookies away from the water.

Kaitlin LOVED playing in the sand.

One of the girls favorite places is the Payson park. Savannah LOVES to swing and Kaitlin LOVES everything.

We have gone up to the Grotto a couple of times.

The girls getting ready to hike the Grotto. I love Kaitlin pose.


Laurel said...

Oh, I like your girls. :) You are all so cute together and do so many fun things outdoors! (Maybe I should take a page from your book....?)

TJ and Stephanie said...

Your girls are getting so big! I'm excited to meet little Mckenna! looks like you've had a fun filled summer!