Thursday, June 10, 2010

Outside fun

Summertime has finally come and the girls could not be more thrilled! We spend most of our days outside playing in sprinklers, going on walks (which includes lots of stops to visit all of our friends) and riding bikes. These are just a few pictures of all the fun we have have been having so far.
Kaitlin posing in the sprinklers for the camera. This is the first year that she has actually enjoyed playing in the sprinklers and asks everyday rain or shine if I will turn them on.

Savannah hanging out on the sidewalk a safe distance from the sprinkler.

Jackson, Mason, Rylee, Kaitlin and Savannah all playing with the basketball hoop at Nana and Papa Barker on Mothers day.

Same day jumping on the tramp.

Looking for bugs under the bricks. Anyone who knows Kaitlin knows that this is not like her at all. She normally screams when she sees a fly, Spiders cause all out hysteria and we don't even want to talk about bees!

Playing on the swings. This is Savannah favorite thing to do in the whole world she will sit in the swing for hours if we let her.

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