Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our little dancer

Kaitlin has been telling us for some time now that she would like to take dance lesson with her friend Tyra so last week I finally caved and signed her up for a dance class in Payson and she could not have been more excited. Dad on the other hand was not the least bit thrilled when he saw her outfit of choice protesting that it did not cover enough and could she just wear jeans and a t-shirt. He then proceeded to tell Kaitlin that ballerinas like to play softball and soccer and would she rather do that. Kaitlin responded to this by telling her dad "I guess you are just NOT a fan of ballerinas" and took off to her room. To say the least Dave has spent the last couple of days telling Kaitlin he is her biggest fan and I have a feeling he will get to prove it by going to dance recitals and parades.


Kristin said...

Silly daddies! So funny that she had a smart remark for him!

Staheli Family said...

She sure keeps him on his toes!