Saturday, June 12, 2010

Home alone.....with daddy

The other night I had to run to the store and Kaitlin did not want to come so I put cartoons on for her and left her in the very capable hands of Daddy. This is what I returned to.......

Dave decided to go downstairs and work on the playroom a little after I left and while he was down there our beautiful princess decided to give herself a makeover with mommy makeup. If you look at her forehead that is not dirt, it is eyeshadow and base. I have to say the bright red lip was my favorite though. I called Dave up and to say the least we had a really good laugh. The best part was when she said "Mom I did not put on pencil (eye liner) or eyescara (mascara) because you told me never to touch that" I guess when I was telling her not to touch the eye makeup silly me forgot to mention the rule applies to all my makeup. Kaitlin sure manages to keep us our toes but I sure do LOVE this girl!

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