Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finally an update.

It has been so long since I last updated that I have decided to make this a mostly picture post. That way everyone can see what we have been up to these last couple of months. The pictures go backward April-December.

All winter
Spent lots of time together at home because we have all had nasty colds.

The Easter bunny came. The girls had so much fun hunting for eggs (inside because it snowed the night before) They also had tons of fun having an easter egg hunt with there cousins and eating a yummy dinner at Nana and Papa house.

Dave and Kaitlin built a snowman. Kaitlin even gave him a Mohawk

We went to the Zoo. We were very lucky to see the baby giraffe, baby elephant and lots of other animals.

Dave dislocated his knee and tore a ligament in his knee while playing basketball.

Kaitlin planned a special Daddy daughter night. They drank juice, ate popcorn, read stories and played lots of games. It was really sweet to watch Kaitlin put so much planning into the evening just so she could spend it with her daddy.

Savannah turned two. I cannot believe how old she is getting. She is talking in complete sentences and she defiantly has a personality. When Dave is doing something she does not like she tells him "Monster eat you" when he says "I don't want the monster to eat me!" she always replies "then listen"

Dave was brave and took Michael shooting from what I was told he was not too bad of a shot.

Dave turned 31.

Happy New years 2010. We had a small party with Kaitlin and Savannah which ended at 8pm in our driveway with sparklers. Kaitlin still thinks she stayed up till midnight :)

Christmas eve 2009.


Laurel said...

Hooray for an update! That "then listen" from Savannah just cracks me up. Your girls are absolutely adorable! Don't be a stranger, Tami! ;)

Matt and Amanda said...

Cutest pictures! Since you updated yours, does that mean I have to update mine? Crap!

TJ and Stephanie said...

yay finally!!! You're girls are to cute!

Staheli Family said...

Thank you so much. You are all so sweet!

Carrie Wood said...

That's a really good update, all except for David's knee. We can't wait to see you guys this summer!