Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Daddy (aka the dwarf) and Kaitlin

Tayla (Indian), holding Savannah (lion) Kaitlin (snow white)Mason (dragon) Jackson (captain Hook) Tori (fairy) and my favorite of the night Rylee (the peacock)
Savannah and her Daddy

The girls and I with Grandpa Wood.

They were worn out.

This year for Halloween Kaitlin dressed up as Snow White and Savannah was a lion (she called herself a tiger) Dave and I decided to show the girls what trick-or-treating really was and took the girls up to my mom's neighborhood to do some door to door trick-or-treating. At first Kaitlin was really scared but when she realized she got candy she totally relaxed until we were half way through and this guy answered the door wearing scary glasses and growling Kaitlin dropped her candy bag, started to shake and try and run away. To say the least to were able to drag her up three more steps and had to call it a night. Savannah on the other hand as soon as she realized there was food involved was right up on those door steps yelling "TREAT" it was really cute and if the person put the bowel down so she could pick and Dave and I would help her she would get very upset and tell us "NO" then pick her own treat. After finishing up in my parent's neighborhood we headed over to our traditionally visit to Grandpa Woods for more treats and a quick picture. After that we headed over to see Grandma and Grandpa Staheli. By the time we got home just after 9:00 the girls were toast Kaitlin climb into bed and within 5 min she was out cold.


K&Z said...

Thanks for the comment! Your kids are so cute too! I esp. love the snow white costume. We need to hang out soon!

Matt and Amanda said...

Oh, they're so cute!!! We never made it to grandpa's cause I had to work:( I love the pic's of the snow as well:)