Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Birthday

I know this post is long over due but better late then never right??? This year for my birthday like every other year Dave was on a hunt so Kaitlin took me out to lunch. It was so sweet she woke up and came into my room and asked if you could take me and Savannah on a date, I said yes and asked were she had in mind and of course she said McDonald's. She then proceeded to ask if I wanted her to drive. After a fun afternoon out with the girls we went over to Marlene's house were she had a cheesecake for me with home made topping (the best). Later that night Dave came home from the hunt (with no deer :) ) and re lite the candles and sang "Happy Birthday" to me it was really sweet. The best part of all is he gave me a new camera that is not held together be tape :)
Dave gave me the best gift of all NO DEER this year

Kaitlin striking a pose at McDonald's

My Smiley girl :)


Laurel said...

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! That is too funny, Kaitlin asking if you would like her to drive. Smarty pants. =)

Matt and Amanda said...

Your pics are adorable, and your girls are adorable!!! David looks pretty rough after the hunt:) So glad he missed all the deer! And you look perfect, as always:)