Thursday, September 10, 2009


When Savannah turned one I started only giving her a bottle at nap and bedtime. However Savannah is now 18 months old and I think she likes to have her bottle more for comfort then for need. So last night I did not give it to her and guess what she went to sleep on her own, no problem. Today for nap I laid her down with no bottle and she went right to sleep. I am so excited I did not expect it to go this smooth!

My other good news is as of 1 week ago we have Kaitlin going to bed in her own bed without me. In the past I have let her lay down in my bed with me until she fell asleep and then I would carry her to her bed, however, that way did not work so well because 1. she would just watch t.v with me and not sleep. 2. if I turned off the t.v she would cry because it was too dark. 3. if I turned on the lamp she would not sleep because it was light. Bedtime was taking up to 2 hours on some nights leaving her tired and cranky the next day. So 1 week ago I told her when she woke up she was sleeping in her own bed that night and kept telling her all day that was where she was going. So come bedtime she knew, however, it did not go so smooth the first night she cried for 30 min then fell asleep but by night two she was not happy but she went to bed and that is how it has gone for the past week. I am so happy now we do our bedtime routine and she gets tucked in and she goes to sleep.

Our new windows also came in on Tuesday and yesterday Dave had some time so him and our neighbor Steve put the first window in. I am so excited and it looks so good. I will get pics posted as soon as they are done.


Laurel said...

That is FANTASTIC news! I consider the time after Isabel goes to bed my own time, and time ALONE with my husband. And whenever Isabel decides to impose on that time -- III am a very cranky person. ;) Congrats to you, Tami!

(And I can't wait to see your new windows!)

Carrie Wood said...

Good job laying down the law! I need to get Audrey on a routine - it will make us all much happier.