Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fixing the Ceiling. "It will be a easy job right?"

A little while after we moved into our home I noticed the ceiling bowed a little by the swamp cooler and into the kitchen and it has bothered more and more the longer we have lived here. Dave decided in July that to stop my whining he was going to have to fix it. He told me that it was going to be a pain in the butt but he would do it. I told him I thought it would be easy and we could probably have it done pretty quick. I was wrong!
Day 1: Trying to find all the studs with a broken stud finder, a trip to the Zoo and then it started to all go down hill. After we got home from the Zoo Dave decided to start cutting. I put Kaitlin in the bath tub and I notice the lights flicker and some of the lights went dark and then I hear Dave yell, I run into the kitchen and come to find out Dave had cut a electrical wire and it was a good thing his saw had a rubber handle or he would have electrocuted himself. So then Project number two starts trying to fix the wire so we can have electricity.
Night 1: Much to Davids protest I went over to his parents house to ask for a flashlight so he could see in the attic and to ask Dave (my father-in-law ) how to fix the problem. After a trip to Walmart and a lot of time in the attic Dave had the electricity fixed. It was about midnight at this point so Dave decided to call it a night.

This was the beginning of day 2.
Day 2: Dave climbed into the attic this time so he could see everything and started cutting the ceiling out for the second time around 9 am. After about 30-45 min the whole piece he had been working on fell out (very unexpectedly) apparently someone in the attic accidentally put his foot on it and it came crashing down ( Dave was very lucky he did not come with it) Dave spent the rest of the day until about 4 PM trying to get everything cut out properly and cleaned up for sheet rock. By that night the hole was like 6 ft by 4 ft.
Here is the ceiling that came crashing down

Here is Dave slightly surprised to have the ceiling gone already.

Dave could not find safety goggles anywhere so he figured why not use his boarding goggles.
Day 3: Was spent cleaning the hole up more and attempting to put sheet rock in. At this time I was pregnant and his parents where out of town so he was trying to be muscle man and do it all by himself about the time I tried to help and dropped the sheet rock on his head we decided either he needed help (which he wouldn't get) or the sheet rock had to go up in two pieces (that became the plan. That brilliant plan did not get put in place till about 6pm so he called it a night.
Day 4: Putting up the sheet rock. He got the sheet rock up, the screw holes plastered.
Day 5,6 and 7 :was plastering and sanding that is what the top picture is. Dave looked like that every time he finished sanding.
Day 8: Dave got the texture up and that is where the project went to a stand still because I want to paint the whole kitchen and hall and not just the ceiling so I have been waiting till I felt better and then I will paint.
However the project that I thought would take a couple hours for Dave's part took 8 very long days. Thanks Dave you are amazing I LOVE you.


TJ and Stephanie said...

HaHa What a good husband! That was a funny story. Gotta love remodeling! I remember when my dad was remodeling our kitchen he tried to take out an old chimney which threw black soot EVERYWHERE! My mom was not happy! haha

Carrie Wood said...

Ya, that seems like a huge job. I think you both deserve some credit for making it through that and getting such a hard job done!

Matt and Amanda said...

That was hilarious! I laughed all the way through the reading, then had to read it again out loud for Matt:)