Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Pics

The first jump of the year. Savannah LOVES the tramp.

Kaitlin jumping.

I have been really slow at posting these pics. Earlier this spring Dave put down sod in two area's of our back yard and it turned out so good! I am really excited to have a fully grassed back yard.

Kaitlin giving a good smile for the camera.

This is what happens when we eat late and Savannah does not have a good nap.

Savannah with cookie on her face.

The first time Kaitlin and Savannah played in the sprinklers this year. Kaitlin loved it and Savannah hated the water but was very happy to be outside.

Savannah reading a story to everyone. This is her favorite book because there is a duck and a cat in it.

Kaitlin taking her turn reading the book to everyone.

Drinking slushies on a hot day. This was Savannah's first one ever and to say the least she LOVED it.


Matt and Amanda said...

Oh, the girls are so cute! And the lawn looks great! I need to come over and see it! I can't wait till Josh is able to have fun on a trampoline:)

Carrie Wood said...

Your girls are so big now! I can't believe how old they are - time seems to go so fast. They are really adorable.