Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anyone for some Vix

Last week Kaitlin was not feeling well so I put her in my room to watch a movie. After about 10min I noticed it had been really quiet which could only mean three things.
1) She had fallen asleep ( Wishful thinking)
2) We found a movie that really entertained her (Wishful thinking once again)
3) She had gotten into something that she is not supposed to have (I think we have a winner)
The second I walked into the room I noticed a very strong sent of Vapor rub and then I hear a little voice say "look mommy I put lotion on myself" and I saw the mess her legs,hands and my bed were covered in Vix vapor rub.

The pictures do not do the mess justice!

You better believe in the end Kaitlin got a bath and of course a bath would not be a bath if Savannah was not included.


TJ and Stephanie said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!! HAHAHA gotta love naughty babies! :) Toby got into my vaseline this morning. At least it only ended up on her hands, her face, and her hair!!! AHAHAH

Matt said...

Hey, it's Amanda. I had to show all my co-workers how cute your little girls are! What a little rascal:)