Friday, January 23, 2009

My little girly girl

Kaitlin is such a girly girl today we finally found shoes to match her dress that we bought for Justin and Stephanie wedding. As soon as we got home she ran to her closet pullled the dress down threw off her jeans and tshirt and put on her dress and matching shoes. She then came out of her bedroom and asked me to do her hair "as pretty as Ellie" (Ellie is Kaitlin friend) After we did her hair she wanted pic taken so here they are.These are her new shoes.

(for every pic instead of saying Cheese she would say Ellie)

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TJ and Stephanie said...

I love the dress! I pictured it not nearly that cute! When you said black embroidered flowers I questioned it a little.... It is ADORABLE! Thanks for sitting in front of the computer for 2 hours trying to figure out your blog just for me! True friend you are! :)