Saturday, September 29, 2012

Camping trip to Schofield

In late Aug we took the girls up to Schofield to camp. Not one of the best ideas we have ever had. Apparently I did not pack warm enough and we froze that night. However the fishing was fun and it is something that we will never forget and maybe one day even laugh at.  

 Helping Daddy set up the tent.

 The finished product.

 The girls call the rock "the Little Mermaid rock" every time we go to Schofield they insist that we take pics on it.

 LOVE the pic of Kaitlin and Dave.

 Taught the girls some hand games. They loved them.

 My 3 princess. 

 After a sleepless freezing night Kaitlin, McKenna and I decided we would brave the wee hours of the morning in the car while Dave and Savannah slept. 


Dave the girls and I spent alot of time fishing this summer. Unfortunately we did not have a lot of luck on catching, but, we made a lot of happy memories. 
 Kaitlin and Daddy baiting a hook

 Kenna pretending to drive the boat. One of her favorite pastimes.

 Kenna fishing (she had zero luck this summer thankfully) 

 Kaitlin posing on the boat. 

 Kaitlin had all the luck this summer she caught at least one fish every time we went out.

 Kaitlin steering the boat.

 Savannah fishing (she also had zero luck this summer)

 Sweet pic of the girls. 

 Savannah steering the boat. 

 this would be Kenna reaction when a fish was caught and in the boat. She was traumatized. 


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guess who started school?

Kaitlin started first grade


Savannah stared her second and final year of Pre-School

We made the decision to switch Kaitlin over to Mt. Loffer elementary in Salem and we seriously could not be happier. Kaitlin teacher is Mrs.Olsen and so far we have really liked her. Kaitlin says so far she loves EVERYTHING about school especially playing with her BFF Brooklyn. 

Savannah started her second year at Taylor with Mrs. Norma and she has done amazing! Her BFF Ainsley is in the class with her. We were really hoping that because Ainsley was in there and she talked it would help Savannah. About a weeks ago I received a note home from her teacher saying that out of the blue Savannah had surprised everybody and talked. She has continued to respond to her teachers at school. Dave and I are so happy and excited. 

Savannah and Ainsley these two are seriously inseparable 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy

I can't believe it has been 3 years since we said goodbye. 
 I will try and get pics up soon from our trip up to the cemetery with the girls to have cupcakes and release balloons.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Savannah surprise.

Savannah had graduation today and was asked to play little Mrs. Muffet in the program and despite all my fears this is what Savannah had in store for us. I couldn't have been prouder of her. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So far behind!!

I have been avoiding blogging lately because I have fallen so far behind so this is a catch up post and because I am on my lap top I don't have any pictures. Well let see were to begin..... oh yea in May yes I said May Dave and I packed up the girls in the car did not tell them where they were going, drove all night and they woke up in California. We spent the next 5 days going to Disneyland twice, Sea world and the beach. It was so much fun and the girls are begging to do it again. Not much else happened over the summer other then Kaitlin turned 5 (I know crazy) and we spent alot of time at the swimming pool.
With the fall came the start of school for both Kaitlin and Savannah. Kaitlin started kindergarten and Savannah pre school. Kaitlin has done very well this year and LOVES school. Savannah has also done very well as far as learning goes but anyone who knows Savannah knows she does not talk to people other then her family which has caused testing issues, issues making friends and just lots of issues in general. Lucky for us Savannah has an amazing teacher who has been on the ball with testing her through the school psychologist and other resources. The test have come back that she has selective muteism. They will continue to test her for some other things also but we will address those issues if anything shows up.
We had a rough Christmas season this year with the death of Grandpa wood just prior to Christmas. We are all heartbroken even though we know he is so happy to be reunited with Grandma and all of his siblings. Christmas day itself was lots of fun Kaitlin and Savannah finally get the whole Santa thing and McKenna just loved tearing things up. It was good to be able to spend time with our family and loved ones.
With the start of 2012 also came Gymnastic and Dance. Kaitline and Savannah are both doing gymnastics at airtime in Springville and Savannah is also dancing at Heart and Soul also in Springville. The girls are LOVING gymnastics and I love watching them. Savannah is working really hard to get her front roll down and Kaitlin has been practicing like crazy to get her handstand down. Both girls have such drive it is so fun to watch them.
McKenna has been awesome she is walking talking and following her sisters around. She has recently decided she is a daddy girl so Dave night shifts have been really hard on her. She also LOVES LOVES LOVES Sadie. The first thing she says in the morning once she is upstairs is Sades. She is getting a little personality too. She is very headstrong but very sweet you just have to beware of her teeth she LOVES to bite.
Well I think that pretty much gets me up to date on everything I may try and add pics later of all the happenings but not now :)

Friday, December 30, 2011


I was lucky enough to call myself a granddaughter to Ferrin Wood. I know I married into the family but that was never an issue with grandpa. From the very first time Dave brought me over to their house he was grandpa. I have so many amazing memories of Grandma and Grandpa in the 8 years I knew them. Yes I said knew them because Grandma passed almost 3 years ago and Grandpa passed on Dec 20th 2011. I cannot tell you how many times I was able to go fishing with grandpa and Dave and no matter how unlucky my pole was grandpas pole was always super lucky. When Grandpa would notice I was not reeling anything in he would offer to let me take his pole and reel his fish in. No matter how many times I would make a fuss about having a nasty fish flopping around the floor of the boat hollering put it back put it back Grandpa would always smile at me and make sure the fish went back were it belonged. There was countless Saturday breakfast with his amazing hot cakes. He always made sure you had plenty to eat and if he thought you had not had your fill he would try to give you more. Then there were the stories of when he was young, when grandma and him first got married and his many experiences from working at BYU. I learned many things from grandpa from staying out of debt to how to treat the person you love the most (your spouse)Grandpa was always so kind to grandma. She would be getting on him about something and he would just sit there alot of time with a little grin, After she was out of ear shot he would often make comments about getting a little rise out of her here I never heard him raise his voice ever. He treated people with so much love. If ever I went over to his house without the girls or Dave his first question would be about where they were. Even in the end when he had many days of confusion he always remembered that I had the girls. I Owe him so much thanks because he was one of the people in Dave life that helped him become the man he is today. Dave shared a special bond with his grandpa. They both had an amazing love for fishing. If they both could go fishing everyday all day they would. They shared a love for BYU sports. I know Dave enjoyed watching many games with his grandpa. The one thing that they both share that I am so grateful for is the love of family and being together with the ones you love. When the call came that Grandpa was going down hill my heart broke. I knew I was about to lose one of my favorite people but I also knew that as hard as it was for me and my family, It was so happy for Grandpa. When Grandma passed away almost 3 years ago a piece of grandpa went with her. He missed her so much there was not a day that went by that he did not pray for her or miss her with all of his heart. I am very thankful for the time my girls and I got to spend with him. I am going to miss Grandpa so much and I cannot wait for the day I will get to see him again.